Rose says the best NBA Player right now is….himself!

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While the entire city of Chicago was hanging on every modicum of hope that Derrick Rose would return during the Bulls’ playoff run last season, it was widely reported that it was his confidence, not his physical health, that was impeding his return.Given Rose’s hesitancy to return early from the torn ACL he suffered in the previous playoffs, it has to be reassuring that, evidently, his confidence is back.When asked in a rapid-fire, headline-inducing, 90-second interview with CNN who the best player in the NBA was, Rose didn’t stutter, didn’t hesitate, didn’t even change his tone when he muttered, “Derrick Rose,” in his calm, reassured manner.That didn’t exactly jibe with what CNN’s Pedro Pinto was expecting the former MVP to say, as he questions Rose’s answer and then wondered who the toughest guy to defend was, to which Rose predictably answered, LeBron James.Rose, James and Kobe Bryant are known as the three most competitive players in the NBA, so who could fault Rose for insinuating that he is, in fact, better than James, despite James’ second-consecutive NBA championship this past June? Who cares if it’s a preposterous claim seeing as Rose hasn’t suited up in over a full season? Maybe he knows something we don’t.Let’s not take this interview for gospel, either. After all, Rose, a Chicago native, was asked who his “basketball idol” was, and was then asked how much he watched that certain someone as a kid. So we’ll take this whole charade with a 12-ounce jar of Morton’s salt. Or better yet, we’ll consider it as significant as Rose throwing down a through-the-legs dunk…..on an eight-foot rim.That being said, what to take away from this? If nothing else, Rose’s confidence is back, which is all Bulls fans needed to hear.